Our Purpose

INSPIRE YOU to create beautiful spaces
HELP YOU design a home that reflects who you are and what you love
ENHANCE YOUR LIFESTYLE through our large variety of products that bring joy 
HELP SPREAD LOVE with our offering of meaningful and fun gift giving options
CREATE A MAGICAL ESCAPE - A place that you can visit over and over and always find new things that make you feel good 
ALWAYS STRIVE to deliver an excellent customer experience 
DESIGN A FUN and welcoming gathering place where you can plan a special day with your family, friends & out of town guests
LIVE IN GRATITUDE for every guest that comes through our doors to support our team 
GIVE BACK TO OUR COMMUNITY thru charitable donations, service and customer events 

What is Ivy & Sage Lifestyle Co. 

“A Modern Boutique with a Touch of Vintage Flair” 
Led by longtime friends, Jill Herman & Kim Davis, we collaborate with a group of small business owners that have joined forces to build a unique retail store with the primary focus on the customer experience.  
We are NOT an antique mall or vintage market or monthly market. 
We work together to curate very specific looks and varying styles to provide a broad range of options for our customers. We have a mix of new, vintage, high quality handcrafted goods and specialty foods. While we are open everyday, all year round, we also offer the largest selection of seasonal decor and gifts in Arizona - possibly the largest in the Western US.